The bottle that wasn’t

WaterWrap is based on an idea by Marino Festa, and Italian entrepreneur who has invented an innovative product for protecting suitcases and luggage.
WaterWrap is easy and quick to use, is the size of a 500 ml bottle (but it can hold 250 ml) and weighs about 400 grams.
Change the way you protect your luggage!

Water bottle

A small plastic (PET) 25 cl bottle available with or without natural water to quench your thirst when travelling.

Cylinder with film reel

A polyethylene stretch film cylinder fitted on the body of the bottle with which you can protect your luggage.


Once the film has terminated, a small plastic cutter is provided to cut the film and free the handles and wheels of the luggage. In the version without water you just unscrew the cap to find the cutter inside the bottle.

Rotation sleeve

A sleeve wrapped on the neck of the bottle which acts as a grip to enable the film to run during wrapping.

Why choose WaterWrap?

WaterWrap has been designed to provide airport travellers with a new and easy-to-use luggage protection service with an additional value represented by the availability of a bottle of still mineral water.

What is more, if you buy WaterWrap, in the event of your luggage being lost or damaged, the traveller has at disposal the free legal assistance and protection of Assoviaggiatori of which WaterWrap is partner.

WaterWrap can be customized!

On request WaterWrap can be customized, thus having your logo printed on the entire length of the wrapping film.

Respect for the environment

WaterWrap has been conceived and designed to respect the planet. All materials used are recyclable; in particular, the cylinder with the polyethylene film is coreless.
Once the luggage has been wrapped and the film has been used up, only the water bottle remains.

The extra-strong technical polyethylene film reduces the environmental impact of film disposal. The film can be compressed and reduced to a small plastic ball.

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