Wrap, protect and quench your thirst

The new system for protecting your luggage

WaterWrap is an innovative product for the protection of suitcases/luggage.
It is based on an idea by Marino Festa, an Italian entrepreneur who patented the system.

What does WaterWrap consist of?

WaterWrap is a small plastic bottle with which you can wrap and protect your luggage.
At the end of the operation, you can quench your thirst with WaterWrap because the bottle contains still water!

WaterWrap is also available in the variant without water, with a cutter inside the bottle.

Water bottle

A small plastic (PET) 25 cl bottle available with or without natural water to quench your thirst when travelling.

Rotation sleeve

A sleeve wrapped on the neck of the bottle which acts as a grip to enable the film to run during wrapping.

Cylinder with film reel

A polyethylene stretch film cylinder fitted on the body of the bottle with which you can protect your luggage.


Once the film has terminated, a small plastic cutter is provided to cut the film and free the handles and wheels of the luggage.

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The bottle that wasn’t

WaterWrap is easy and quick to use, is the size of a 500 ml bottle (but it can hold 250 ml) and weighs about 400 grams.
Change the way you protect your luggage!

Great protection

Wrapping your luggage with a special extra-strong
polyethylenefilm provides adequate protection against:

Introduction of unauthorized elements

Accidental opening

Scratches & signs

Marks & dirt




Weather conditions


Theft /small thefts

During my trip to Romania, I protected my luggage with WaterWrap. The wrapping protected my luggage and if I had not used it, the stains and dirt on the film would have been on my luggage. I recommend it for business trips!
Oliver C.Germany
I purchased WaterWrap. It appealed to me and was easy to apply to my luggage! Feeling that your luggage is safe when travelling abroad is reassuring.
Marco C.Italy
Excellent luggage protection system when travelling to low-security countries.
Kept our luggage safe and made it easy to identify upon collection.
Francesco M.Italy
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